Reindeer horn : .:*December*:. Christmas Gift 2011 Reindeer horns (0L$)
Doll head : *DOLLCOCO*_Head(snow)_Kyoko(ClosedEyes) (450L$)
Doll body : *DOLLCOCO*_Body(snow) (0L$/group gift)
Doll dress : *DOLLCOCO*_CountryDress&Hood_Beige (350L$)
Hair : +LALA Moon+ Meta Mariposa [ Blonde - Gold ]  (375L$)
Glasses :  .:*December*:. : Glasses No.75 (300L$)

Fur jacket : BAIASTICE : Baiastice_Iko fur jacket short-black mink-RESIZABLE (290L$)

Hair : Dura : **Dura-Girl**16(Dark Blonde) (120L$)

Eyes : ::UH:: : Doll eye(black) (120L$)

Skin : :GP: Swan [Light] Jasmine 2-Pure 4 (1000L$/mega pack 3000L$)


Glasses : .:*December*:. Glasses No.69 (44L$ / still available at Lloyd)

Skin : :Curio: Jasmine 2 / Honey [Dark] Jasmine2-Pure 3 (1000L$/ mega pack 3000L$)

Hair : !lamb. Some Velvet Morning - Honeycomb Ombre (300L$)

School uniform : *Edelweiss* Sakuragaoka (600L$)
Glasses : .:*December*:. Glasses No.67  Group Gift (0L$)
Hair : "D!va" more than 15000 group member celebration gift "mana" Type B Onyx (0L$)
Earrings : [MAGIC NOOK] Baroque Earrings (Rose) (70L$ at  The Dressing Room/ 95L$)
Tops : R.icielli - TDR GOWILDset (67L$ at The Dressing Room)
Bikini : izm. Lingerie Gacha Dot (30L$ / Gatcha at SM29IZUM SUMMER FESTIVAL)
Prim skirt : bouillon-P,C /rose pink (200L$ / SM29IZUM SUMMER FESTIVAL)
Bag : izm.bath bag@sm29izm gift (0L$ / Goldfish-game prize at SM29IZUM SUMMER FESTIVAL)
Skin : :Curio: Petal-Sweetheart-Love Fool 1 (1000L$)
Hair : .:Fall In:. Blizzatty Hair - Dirty Blonde (L$220)
Flip-flops : Slink Sheila Thongs V2 Pink Flowers (675L$)
Watermelon : +9 watermelon carry on hand(R) (old group group gift / no longer available)


Bikini & Hat : :: PM :: Guaran Bikini in Purple - TTB Exclusive (70L$)
Dress : DeeTaleZ Dresses wet and dry dress (wet) (180L$)

Prim nail : :: PM :: Metallic Nails in White Chalk (85L$/discount at mimi's choice)
Hair : */Wasabi Pills/ Zack Hair - Blonds Pack (250L$)


Eyes : ::UH:: : Doll eye(SP)GroupGift (0L$ / group gift)
Ice cream bar : .:*December*:. Mint Icecream Bar with Tongue, Dark Chocolate Ice cream Bar & Butterflies RARE (15L$ each / Gatcha)
Ice lolly & Ice cream : DDD : DDD_CS_[4]Strawberry ice lolly, DDD_sic_{9}Strawberry (15L$ each / Gatcha)

Prim nail : Candy Nail : #G201008 Anniversary Mono, #P067 Resort Cocktail (Old group gift & July group gift / fee to join)
Skin : :Curio: Petal-Beach 2-Seashell (1000L$)
Hair : W&Y HAIR  New M14 PACK All (450L$)

Bag : *RibboN*summer BAG(pink)L-arm(pose) (0L$ / hunt gift, untlil 8/19)
Baloon : *{what next}Balloon Love Pose Set / single pose (10L$ / Platinum Hunt gift)

Swim suit : (SELDOM BLUE) -O- SYLVIA SWIMSUIT - PINK 230L$ / summer sale!)
Hair : W&Y HAIR  New M14 PACK All (450L$)
Prim nail : Candy Nail #P067 Resort Cocktail (July group gift / fee to join)
Flip-flops : +Maitreya Gold * Flip-Flops Dew (775L$)
Skin : :Curio: Petal-Beach 2-Seashell (1000L$)
Glasses : [BUKKA]Sunglasses "surf" ::All-ColorSelect:: (Head) (580L$)


Skin : :: hsh ::  White Fox -Byakko-LB ver -- SKIN LB (0L$/LB prize)
Eyes : :: hsh ::  SR2-FOX-RED (100L$)

Kimono : tomoto : powapowa (??L$/ gatcha prize at RandoMuseum)
**You need to win RandoMuseum normal card:tomoto, or multi card.

Hair & Hair base : 
*booN : gathered raised hairbase all colors pack (100L$)
*booN : UKA687 hair black (280L$)

Mouth accessory : Toudsu : Hanafuda (not for sale)
Non La : Mad Hattery :  "Conical Hat" (0L$/Silk Road Hunt prize)

Dress : +Lika Ruby+ Peony(JPN pink) (L$300)

Hat : Mad Hattery : "Tare Panda Hat" (0L$/Silk Road Hunt prize)

 SIPH(Female/Light Blue) - Boxed Heroes (500L$)
++NODe++umbrella_v2_NO4 (550L$)

Dress : +Lika Ruby+ kara-kusa(red) (560L$)

Hair base : booN gathered upper hairbase gold (100L$)
Hair : booN UKA687 hair gold (280L$)

Shoes : SLink Paloma Point Ballet Slippers Silver (450L$)

Dress : +Lika Ruby+ kara-kusa(white) (560L$/now 20% off sale!)

Hair base : booN gathered lower hairbase black (100L$)
Hair : booN KED937 hair black (280L$)

Skin : Grixdale - Emery -  Grommit  - Mint (1000L$ at Skin Fair)

Jewelry : (wml)Sophie necklace & earings (1L$!!/price down!)
Shoes : SLink Paloma Point Ballet Slippers White (450L$)


Eye : ::UH::KOi-Crazy for you (0L$/Cupid Heart Hunt/hurry, til 14th Feb!)
Skin : -Glam Affair- Eva - Med Tan V.Day Gift (Group gift/fee to join)
Mouth Accessory : +SC+Joker  secret (15L$/gatcha)
Shape : Studio SHUN MODEL -Water Lily- (Free at .:*D*:.)
Hair : Exile Artemis/Angel Dust (Old gift)

Glasses : .:*December*:. Glasses No.62 (250L$)
Chunjie : +Lika Ruby+ china outfit Chunjie(FAT)-mono (440L$)
Jewelry : (wml)Syndrome chinois (circle/hisuigreen) (Gatcha 50L$)

Hair : "LoQ Hairs" Subscriber Gift - Tiramisu platinum (Subscribe gift 0L$)
Eye : ::UH:: Frozen eye(nigella-a)S (120L$)
Skin : Fairy Shop Old Woman Skin and Shape BOX (500L$)

AO : :KH: Elder's AO -Stick & Staff- (500L$)

Shape : [Studio SHUN] Grandmother Feng1 (temporally unavailable)

Location : Kowloon SIM

Dress : +Lika Ruby+ knit dress 
 (now on 20% off sale 340L$-/ 2 fat packs are 640L$ each,)

Skin : ::hsh ::High Fever SKIN LB (0L$ Lucky board for group member)
Shape : ::hsh :: HF ver. edition (100L$)

Nail : -sD- Nails [>>MiX 1] ($76L$ include groves and socks )

Hair : LittleGirl Oriental Design Hair 001 - Recolor(Wood) (180L$)

Shoes : P10 Florence Heels Autumn Brass (910L$ / 10% discount for VIP member, fee to join)



Dress : + Lika Ruby + Dress dia (0L$ Lucky board prize in KDC mall)
Mouth Accessory : +SC+ Ace of Spade (15L$ Gatcha)
Shoes : P10 Florence Heels Autumn Brass (910L$ / 10% discount for VIP member, fee to join)

Skin : PINKINNIK : Yoko - GIFT - happy new year (0L$ Lucky board prize)
Hair : +LALA Moon+ Meta Mariposa [ Black - Brown ] (375L$)
Prim Eyes : -sD- (O.o) Wish XL -  Silver (120L$)
Shape : Studio SHUN Model Shape -Water Lily- (free at .:*D*:.)
Prim Nail : [ Love Soul ] Prim nails-Long*Glitter-B*Silver (110L$)

Poses : Shisei-Do? JOJO'S Poses  pack 1,2,3,4 (0L$ Lucky board prize)
Every Pack includes 3 kind of poses each, total 12 poses.
Poses in the photo below, left to right : JoJo06, JoJo09, JoJo02, JoJo07

Lucky Board 2 : Shisei-do?, Junapel
Lucky Board 3 : SHISEIDo?, Tenshin Sim
Lucky Board 4 : *SHISEIDo?*NEO AQUEL


Brrr... it's so cold today!
I'm wearing Lika Ruby's Coat rose with flexible fur trim.
The coat includes 2 type of trims.

And if you'll stop at her store in KDC mall,  don't miss to grab +Lika Ruby+ dress dia
 for Lucky board prize. Please make sure to activate the KDCmall group tag.
 You can join KDC mall Group here >>> KDC mall Group
 (Or, just copy the link to paste to Loval Chat bar,  and Say! in Inworld!)

Coat : + Lika Ruby + Coat rose (beju) (150L$) 

Hair : W&Y MODEL HAIR 13 Pack A (200L$)
Boots : BlakOpal Laced Spike-Heel Boots For Ladies (500L$)
Eyes : :::UM::: [C:M] Seiryou-eye sizeM shikkoku (100L$)

Of course the categoly of this blog is "Fashion", though.
I know this style looks so out of fashion.
This is a memory of my foolish, younger days...

SKIN: LAQ ~ Lacie3 [Nougat] Glow skins (not free)
Eyes : [ENDEAVOR] Shiny eyes PRO 15(300L$)
Hair : A&A Kiki Hair (650L$ on Market place)

Mao Jacket(mixture) : Kowloon Moonlight fashion Corp.
kowloon millitary clothes (5L$)/magnum girl jinmin fuku (5L$)

Mao cap : Kowloon Hair Center Jimminbou (2L$)

Flat shoes :
Black :  *LG* Black Ballerinas / Sabrinas Pretas (5L$ on Marketplace)
Red : Exclusiva - Cloe Ballerina Flats Red (150L$)

I went to Ogami Inari to New Year's visit to a shrine.
Here in Japan, 「初詣」"Hatsumode" is one of the few occasions
 when many people wear kimonos now a day.

Kimono : tomoto, chrysantheme red (320L$, now on 20% off sale at Kimono-ichi)
Haori : tomoto, haori balle red 200L$

Skin : :::Dimbula Rose::: Japanesque skin02_LB (free/Luckyboard)
Hair : *mikan hair * mikan_komorebi2010_hair&acce02 (free)

Hamaya : HAMAYA-BOX-small (free at Ogami Inari)
Porch : A.M.K.R FREE Porch (free at Kimono-ichi)
Mouth accessory : DDD_2011 votive picture (free)


Happy New Year 2011!

Dress: +Lika Ruby+ Asian dress(White) (now on 20$ off sale/500L$ usual price)
Hair: Exile Nikki/ New Years Girl (free)

Skin : :Curio GP Acorn [Light] Ice Queen-Happy Holidays (free)
Blush : -Glam affair- Holiday Hill Tatoo 01(not free)
Eyes : ::UH:: GemStone eye G04 (free)
Shape : Studio SHUN MODEL -Water Lily- shape (free at .:*D*:. )
Shoes : Kalnins Footwear -Dante (500L$)
Muff : tomoto manchon (160L$)
Mouth accessory :  DDD_CS_[6]Watermelon bar (15L$ Gatcha)