I play an SIM-wide-game called "Kowloon Feng-sui battle" as a middle rank  Feng-sui master. I guess..., it's my day today! I won the special prize when I sweep a monster.  This outfit named "Kowloon Girl" by Miss. Lika Ruby. Wieeeee!

私はシム丸ごとの「九龍風水バトルゲーム」に参加しており、現在中級風水師です。今日はついてます!あるモンスターを倒して特別な景品をゲットしました。Lika Rubyさんの「九龍少女」という名前の服です。やったー!
I went to look around to "Burning Life 2009" today.
"Burning Life" is a festival of community, art and fire in Second Life. The symbol of this festivals is a 40-feet tall wooden statue. It will be burned at the last night of the festival. I think it's similar to "only-one-year-Shinto-priest" in  ancient Japanese culture.
And..., you shopping-holic girls, I'm afraid there is no shopping mall there, hehehe.

Burning Life 2009

今日はバーニングライフ 2009を見物しに行ってきました。
Miss MandyMandy Macmillan's new products will be released soon!
Look, at this unusual idea. Just WOWing. You can change the caractor of the label, as your blood type. If you don't know your blood type, you can choose the letter of "?".

MandyMandy Macmillanさんの新作がまもなく発表されます。
Today, I went to Oahu SIM to shoot some short video for YouTube.
Unfortunately, there were a lot of visitors here and there.
I could nearly do nothing because they came into the sight of my camera on and on! (LOL).
I guess they thought I was an Hula dancer.

Miss MandyMandy Macmillan's latest product has just released!
A branch of acorns called "Acorn brothers". Looking cute and kawaii!!


MandyMandy Macmillanさんの最新作が発売されました。
『Arcon brothers』という名前の一枝のどんぐりです。
Yesterday, I went to see Mr. Apollo Mager, one of a famous Japanese fortune teller in Second Life. He tells fortune from Tarot in the Castle of ARK in this week. He is an expert. Fortune telling from Tarot is a way of mirroring one's mind. I had my fortune told about my job this time.

The card is... this!
Sword of 6
A ferryman carrying passengers in his punt to the further shore.
Divinatory Meanings: Journey by water, route, way envoy, commissionary, expedient.
 (meaning from The Rider Tarot Deck Instructions)

When I saw the card, I felt that "there is no way to resolve the problem at once", like a cut off with sword. But Mr. Apollo Mager has other opinion. He gave some advices to way of resolve. "To change place" "to change jobs", ”to get lid of unneeded things", "to focus on what is important", and so on.
If you would like to see him, you might want to hurry. This event is held until 9th, October.

The Castle of ARK



Recently, I visit Kowloon SIM every day.
The officer of this SIM is a great creator who made an old video-game titled "Kowloon's gate". All The architectures have details. It seems to me that it's a hole of the forgotten, or a maze of paranoia. Wow, it's 4:49 am now! I lost my sense of time. This is a good place to be here, even if you have never played that game before.
In Heaven, every thing is fine.