The latest issue of my picture pad "SHUN*004" is now available!
The theme of this month is  the Japanese summer. I planed the genuine Japanese style though, the result is a kind of half-East and half-West.
Anyway, I dropped "Little Pink shape for YUMEJI yukata" into the vendor. "Pink" in this case, means "Little Yamato Nadeshiko".
 Just come and grab them to Elf Valley.

今月のテーマは日本の夏。純和風を目指しましたが結果は和洋折衷。とりあえず「夢路浴衣用のLittle Pink Shape」を販売機に投入しております。ここでの「Pink」の意味は「小さな大和撫子」です。妖精谷へお越しくださいね。